Powerful modules that do more than tell you where your products are and when they’ll arrive.

Jaguar Freight can help you find ways to optimize your supply chain logistics, more conveniently, with fewer soft costs and disruptions. By implementing the CyberChain™ suite of products, Jaguar Freight connects you with the industry’s leading software suite that does more than tell you where your products are and when they’ll arrive. CyberChain™ provides deep visibility and actionable intelligence, into your entire supply chain.

The CyberChain™ suite is composed of four data-driven, intuitive technology modules: CyberTrax™ TMS, the ASN Portal™, Flashlight™ and POEM. Each module can be implemented in combination or individually to accommodate your objectives, budget, and scale of business.


  • Empower data-driven score carding.
  • Improve capital allocation.
  • Enable faster time-to-market.
  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Decrease other fixed costs.
  • Engage our software developers to customize your deployment.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind provided by 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Ensure near-universal systems compatibility.
  • Download reports and data in multiple formats.
  • Improve performance, drive savings, and increase value.

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CyberTrax is the Transportation Management System (TMS) at the core of Jaguar’s logistics offering. CyberTrax TMS provides deep, real-time data about your global supply chain, right down to the SKU level. It’s precisely the kind of real-world, real-time commercial data that can trigger key communications through the system and inform internal adjustment actions. CyberTrax TMS is transparent and available 24/7, so you can access it at any time for the latest transportation information possible.

ASN Portal

Innovative and intuitive, the ASN Portal deploys quickly across your supplier base and eliminates the many costly pitfalls of manual systems: redundant data entry, misrouted shipments, missed aggregation and consolidation opportunities, inefficient inventory management, and information gaps. The ASN Portal gives your planning and purchasing teams immediate visibility into what orders and quantities are available for transportation from your suppliers.


The Flashlight module presents actionable intelligence via dynamic and interactive dashboards with graphical data that allow you to quickly and easily monitor key performance indicators (KPI); historical and trending analysis, as well as supplier and carrier performance. Such strategic business intelligence (BI) can help transform your supply chain operations from a cost center to a revenue generator, enabling you to increase your margin by decreasing your transactional costs.


The POEM (Purchase Order Event Management) module will eliminate manual and redundant processes, enhance visibility of current practices and costs, scorecard key metrics, and help you coordinate more closely with your suppliers—all without the hassle of inefficient email communications. This collaborative platform will provide granular visibility into critical milestones and processes, helping you gain better control of your supply chain by converging planning and execution across all internal and external parties.

“Jaguar allows us to have a very flexible, cost-conscious supply chain. CyberTrax™ gives us complete visibility of the information we need.”

—Rick Persons, Vice President, Operations, Albea

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