ByJaguar Freight 10 May,2021

Shipping Just Can’t Catch a Break From Imports

From a $2.6B investment in new containers, to import demand on the rise yet again, to carriers cracking down on trans-Pacific contracts, to a pos

Logistics Technology
ByJaguar Freight 7 May,2021

What’s a ‘Tech-Enabled’ Forwarder, and Why Does It Matter to Shippers?

Many freight forwarders classify themselves as “tech-enabled,” but what does this term actually mean? Even though the term’s connotation is

ByJaguar Freight 5 May,2021

Perspectives on the ‘New Frontier in Global Logistics Technology’ with the JOC

Jaguar Freight CEO Simon Kaye was recently a panelist on a webcast hosted by’s Senior Editor of Technology, Eric Johnson, titled “The

        One of the most significant benefits our clients enjoy is our bespoke freight management tool: widely recognized as an industry leader. Jaguar’s unique CyberChain system allows clients to focus on managing their business, while providing visibility and control to core supply-chain activities.

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