The following is an important update for all importers and exporters doing business in the UK.

HR Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is changing the national customs clearance computer system, known as CHIEF + NES (Custom Handling of Import and Export Freight), to CDS (Custom Declaration Service).

This is a big change for UK customs brokers as well as for all UK importers and exporters. While CHIEF was only “designed” for UK customs brokers to file and arrange import/export customs clearance, CDS is a more complex and advanced system directly accessible by their clients as well.

Key Transition Dates

The last day to make import declarations using CHIEF is 30 September 2022. To continue trading from 1 October 2022, import declarations must be made using CDS. The last day CHIEF will be available is 31 March 2023, at which time CHIEF will close.

Here is some additional information: