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About Jaguar Freight

Founded in 1993 in New York and London, our roots are in logistics. As we've grown with our customers, we’ve developed state-of-the-art technology expertise that transforms logistics and shipping services into world-class supply chain solutions. Clear supply chain leadership, expertly coordinated around the globe, backed by an exceptional degree of customer care. That’s what Jaguar delivers.

About Jaguar Freight

Simon Kaye, President and CEO

"Jaguar provides the right mix of nimbleness and structure."

—Pierre Pirard | Executive Vice President Product Innovation & Global Supply Chain, Elizabeth Arden

ByAdmin 10 Sep,2019

Mexico: An Increasingly Attractive Option for Sourcing US-Bound Goods

According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, at $611 billion, Mexico was the third-largest trade partner of the U.S. in 201

ByAdmin 14 Aug,2019

US Trade Representative Lists Exclusions and Additions to China Tariffs

Exclusions — Third Tranche The first set of exclusions from the third tranche of $200 billion in Section 301 tariffs on goods from China have