The Weekly Roar

In this week's Roar we're hearing from the Port of LB about the Port of LB, the latest on challenges in N. Asia and UK, FMC's plan for regulating ocean carrier billing practices, and the latest trends in maritime technology.

This week’s update starts off with a relatable quote (from for supply chain professionals everywhere. No additional commentary is needed.

Last Wednesday, the Port of Long Beach broadcast its 2022 State of the Port (click to find the full video here) by Executive Director Mario Cordero. In a thoroughly-scripted presentation, he highlighted many of the successes and struggles of the past year, as well as plans for future improvements.

In Northern Asia, cargo owners are facing challenges as the number of port calls drops while carriers juggle vessels to improve schedule reliability. Japan and South Korea have had port calls cut from schedules and as connectivity drops, rates are escalating. This has led to a significant rate disparity with China, and a lack of connectivity is forcing some shippers to route containers to the US via Shanghai.

Moving to the UK, they’re looking to implement the use of onshore power for vessels moored in ports, aiming to slash emissions. However, with electricity rates higher in the UK than in many countries, this presents several obstacles—plus a need for public support. Currently, the union is collecting evidence to find out if a case can be made for onshore power, despite the drawbacks.

Moving closer to home, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is looking to institute regulations on ocean carrier billing practices. The changes would include a new set of standards on a minimum required amount of information on demurrage and detention billing.

Finally, there are several new tech trends on the horizon of maritime shipping. To name just one, unmanned ships. Currently, there are more than 1000 Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) being operated, with expected growth in the commercial sector.

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